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International Services

High-Tech International Client Representation in the U.S.

AASA Inc. specializes in representing high-tech international companies with new innovative products to break into the U.S. market. Our experience includes supporting the entire sales lifecycle, in addition to marketing strategy, product commercialization, and post sales support services.

The Right Choice to Be Your Representative/Reseller in the U.S.

We have the knowledge of local customs, practices, trade and taxation laws to assist international companies to successfully conduct business in the U.S..

We have the proper business tools and extensive business networks to sell high-tech innovative products to U.S.-based commercial companies and U.S. Government. Our U.S. Federal contracting vehicles afford us a quick and direct way to sell to all agencies within the U.S. Federal space.

Our Approach/Methodology

Our proven approach includes:

  • Conducting a thorough market research analysis and due diligence assessment to evaluate U.S. market readiness for your product.
  • Devising focused marketing strategy based on our assessment.
  • Setting up advertising and promotional events to make local market aware of the product.
  • Planning and implementing commercialization approach.
  • Recommending product improvement and customization to fit market need.
  • Providing post sales technical support services to end customers.