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Li-Fi Solutions

Light Fidelity or Li-Fi is a bidirectional, high-speed and fully networked VLC technology, that works in a similar manner as Wi-Fi. Li-Fi is a new smart lighting technology that has been developed as a response to the challenge of high speed, secure, and high bandwidth communication. Li-Fi relieves the load of existing RF and microwave wireless networks by powering visible photons for light generation and optical communication alike. Some advantages of VLC/Li-Fi, when compared to current wireless technologies, are network security, worldwide availability, unlicensed spectrum (high speed and high capacity), low power consumption, and the lack of electromagnetic interference.

Li-Fi Solutions

LEDs have been adopted as a common Li-Fi transmitter because they provide low power consumption, low cost of ownership, high return on investment, high luminance efficiency, ease in color rendering, and long lifetime..

AASA's customized Li-Fi solutions can be used in industries such as:

  • Indoor high speed and full secure Internet access
    • Homes, Schools, Libraries
    • Government Buildings, Military Compounds
    • Banks, Casinos
    • Industrial, Nuclear Facilities, Oil&Gas
    • Malls, Expos

  • Secure Mobile Communication
    • Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V)
    • Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I)
    • Vest to Vest/Helmet to Helmet (H2H)

  • Visible Light Positioning (VLP)
    • Airports
    • Museums
    • Retail
    • Exhibitions
    • Navigation for the Visually Impaired
    • Robots and in-door Drones
    • Virtual Reality (VR) and Gaming
    • Asset Management
    • Individual Tracking

  • Inside Vehicle Communication
    • Aerospace: In-Flight communication
    • Auto: Inside Automobile Communication

  • Underwater Communication

  • Wireless Local Network

  • IoT and Smart City Wireless Communication

AASA has established partnerships with cutting edge VLC/Li-Fi technology developers around the world, and has the ability and flexibility to tailor its Li-Fi solution to the client needs.